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I love face masks! After a long day of shoot, I often like to indulge in some beauty rituals to sooth my skin. I am in my late twenties and it is not just enough for me to cleanse and moisture. Sometimes, you need that extra nourishment to pull out impurities to shrink your pores or get some extra glow or that anti-aging punch. Face masks really do the trick! They really calm the skin down and add the required hydration. For the past few months, I have been trying out the face masks from The Face Shop. In a nutshell, these face masks are a great alternative to face creams & scrubs because there’s no fuss or clean up after. There is extra serum in the package to use on your neck. My skin instantly feels refreshed and rejuvenated after just one mask. I’ve tried a variety of face sheet masks from The Face Shop … honey, blueberry, pomegranate… sounds like some mighty fine ingredients to concoct a delicious smoothie with? Make no mistake because these face masks are great for revitalizing the skin. Here’s giving you a short review about each.

Honey Miel

Like with every other mask from The Face Shop, the Honey Miel pouch too contains one face mask sheet which is nicely folded in the packaging.

It has a sweet smell and is fully dipped in a plain white solution. The size of the sheet mask is big but that is because I have a small face. So, I invariantly need to put a bit of effort to fit the mask properly on my face. The exceeding bits cover my neck. The mask is very soothing on the face and has a cold sensation that’s great for tired skin. I kept this on for about 20 minutes and then I massaged the gel on the face for around 5 more minutes. After rinsing my face with water, I immediately notice that my skin became super soft and supple. The honey miel sheet mask is great for instant moisturizing.

Cost: Rs 200 for a pack of 4 (

Pomegranate Grenade

So, let me begin by saying that this mask is possibly one of the most popular masks. And I am not surprised. This has a fruity smell and I ended up leaving this for about 25 minutes. I’d say that the Pomegranate Grenade mask sheet is really good for firming the face. It made my dull face glow and feel fresh. It also reduced fine lines considerably and overall, my face just felt tighter, youthful and full of collagen!

Cost: Rs 200 for a pack of 4 (

Blueberry Bleuet

This blueberry mask has a very sweet scent of berries that I personally, totally love. The scent is strong – so heads up, anyone who does not like or is allergic to the scent of berries, you might want to avoid this one. But honestly, the overall feeling after putting on the sheet mask was just heavenly. I daresay, this felt the best out of the 5 I tried. Once again, my face felt totally moisturized after putting the sheet on for about 20 minutes. The Blueberry extracts are supposed to replenish damaged cells. This would be good to counter sun tans.

The Solution Radiance Face Mask

The Solution range is a little different from the other sheet mask ranges by The Face Shop. This range has an air sheet, which is a silvery glossy plastic film inside the packaging. It is almost the same size as the sheet mask and helps to hold the fine mask easily.

This face mask is really light and feels almost weightless on skin. The serum contains Vitamin C which provides a radiance solution to lackluster skin. The Vitamin C is also an effective brightening ingredient for the skin. I kept this mask for around 20-25 minutes on the face before rinsing it off. I could see a visible glow on my face and my skin felt really hydrated. I recommend this mask to all those who are looking for an instant brightness for a party or event that is due to happen the very same day.

Cost: Rs 300 for a pack of 4 (

The Solution Pore Care Face Mask

Here’s the thing — as it turns out, we all have pores. Anytime you reach into your make-up bag, you are def putting your face at risk for some serious clogging. Heavy make-up, sunscreens, and lotions can get trapped in your pores and lead to dirt and oil build-up, often causing clogged pores and of course, acne. This mask helps to minimize pores. I could see the pores on face slightly reduced and especially the under eye areas seemed a lot smoother. Of course, there isn’t an incredible difference but the herbal ingredients in this mask such as tannis, refresh the skin and contract pores.

Cost: Rs 300 for a pack of 4 (

Overall, I also love how these face masks are individually wrapped so they’re perfect for travel. I must say that the results only last about 1-2 days. So, they are not permanent solutions to skin problems. However, regular usage of these masks should definitely help your skin in the long run. I got these masks at discounted rates from but I am sure you can also purchase them from other beauty websites.

How to use the masks:

  1. Arrange skin texture with toner
  2. Take out the sheet and remove the film, if there is any.
  3. Spread over face, adjusting from eyes to nose
  4. Take off after 20 minutes and massage lightly to absorb essence


Hope this review was helpful to all of you seeking to try face masks!



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