dear zindagi

Dear Zindagi – An Open Letter To Life

dear zindagi

Dear Zindagi,

As I sit by my window sipping a cup of coffee, I realise that we haven’t spoken in a while. And that I haven’t thanked you enough for being so handsome and crazy in the last 20 odd years that I’ve known you. Your selfless love (and sometime obnoxious behaviour) has made me the (sort of strong) person that I am today.

Every morning, you greet me with bright shining rays but I, like a spoiled child, would fight with you and hit the snooze button repeatedly for an extra 5 minutes of sleep. You’ve always helped me drag myself out of the bed, reminding me that I can’t be late for work. In fact, you’ve patiently tolerated my vanity as I’d freshen up. And you’ve waited for me while I’d mindlessly stare at the open wardrobe, not knowing what to wear. Dear Zindagi, you’ve taught me the value of time – but also that rushing for work by chowing down my breakfast everyday isn’t a good sign.

While I crib and cry about the daily hurdles at traffic signals, you’d advise me to observe the city instead, in all that chaos and turmoil. Dear Zindagi, you’ve taught me that no matter how much work I have, I must keep aside and cherish the 10 minute phone calls with my loved ones everyday. You’ve told me that materialistic things like money, brands, cars and houses aren’t as important as putting a smile on someone’s face.

Dear Zindagi, even though you tend to do silly things at times – like moving too fast or being unfair, you’ve repeatedly told me that you behave that way for good reasons. I get angry with you sometimes but later I realise that maybe you were right. Dear Zindagi, you’ve advised me not to take criticism too seriously because everybody makes mistakes including that perpetually angry boss who claims to do everything right.

You’ve constantly reminded me to take a break from the virtual world of social media and instead feel the rain, fall in love and watch as many sunsets as possible. I feel guilty that I don’t do that very often but like you say, it’s never too late. Dear Zindagi, you’ve taught me that heartbreaks are normal and that everyone has their own reasons for behaving the way they do. But that doesn’t make me vulnerable, it’s just your way of teaching me how to accept & let go.

Dear Zindagi, I pen down my dreams & yet question myself whether I’d be able to achieve them or not. But somehow you convince me to brush away my fears, the ifs and whys & I,then, know that everything will be okay in the end.

And amidst all these – Dear Zindagi, I see you unfold. You make some days happy, some days sad – but that’s what you are – full of surprises and frankly, I’d like it no other way. So, let us weave a dream together because you’re the only one. You’re mine. My dear Zindagi, I love you.


Photography – Nitesh

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