What a girl wants ? Definitely more than just shoes & clothes !

The Basis band

basisbandThe Basis band is said to give you an accurate picture of your health than any other consumer gadget to date! It is a heart-rate monitor that works without a chest strap so you can wear it all the time and get an accurate reading, no matter what you’re doing. It is loaded withdetectors, such as a galvanic skin response sensor which monitors sweat levels and an accelerometer so you can see how changes in your heart rate correlate with your exercise habits.

Useful? We think it’s totally beneficial !

Remote Control Candles

147   Yes we love candles & the aroma essense. But imagine all the sensory
delights of real candles, without the errant wax, smoke and naked flames. The
remote control candles are shaped like pillar candles (often used in films) and
they areactually made from real wax  that emits a delicious vanilla fragrance.
The clever electronic trickery inside causes the light to flicker and stutter just
like a real flame, and a control turns the candles on or off remotely.

Canon Camera Powershot series

imagesCAESJSLGAnushka Sharma has already made the “Diwali Pataka” advertisement popular. Adding further to the recent “What makes us Click” campaign, the Canon PowerShot series is something which everyone has their eye on for the coming year. The PowerShot Series packs a world of advancements into its sleek, pocket-sized
body. While the camera makes it easy enough for any user to achieve beautiful
image quality, it gives serious photographers the tools they need to take their
creative expression to the highest level  ! Read more here :

MacBook Mirror

macbook mirrorLast but not the least !

The mini MacBook mirror. How cool is this ! You can bring it inside your handbag, pocket,  wallet, or together with your cosmetics. Inspired from the Apple MacBook, it’s very cool, chic, trendy and convenient to carry one with you all the time. Our personal favourite !

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