Bollywood Stars Look Alike!


We couldn’t help but notice the striking similarity between some well-known personalities and our very own B-town stars. While in some cases, the similarities were subtle ; in others, it was very uncanny! Here’s a peek into the top 10 celebrity look-alikes!

1) Sonakshi Sinha – Reena Roy


From the time Sonakshi Sinha stepped in Bollywood with her first film ‘Dabangg’, she has always been compared to the yesteryear actress Reena Roy in terms of her looks. And why not, pictures do speak louder than words.

2) Sylvestor Stallone – Ranbir Kapoor

ranbir kapoor_sylvester stallone

Ok this might be a bit far-fetched but we see a subtle resemblance between “Rocky” Stallone and our rockstar, Ranbir! Who agrees?

3) Anushka Sharma – Nazia Hassan

anushka nazia
Anushka Sharma (ie. before plastic surgery) has an uncanny resemblance to late singer Nazia Hassan, who sang “Aap Jaisa Koi” from the Hindi film Qurbani and her song  “Disco Deewane” is still ruiling the charts today. Both the girls have a similar face shape – innocent yet strong! Just wish Anushka didn’t mess it up with botox and… never mind!

 4) Preity Zinta-Drew Barrymore


They are the bubbly girls of their respective film industries. Drew & Preity have similar doe-shaped eyes, gorgeous smiles which light up their face, and they both are very talented actors!

5) Ameesha Patel – Sarika Hassan

amisha patel sarika hassan

Of course any Indian actress resembling closest to Sarika has to be her daughter Shruti Hassan! But apart from Shruti, if there is any other Bollywood heroine coming close as far as facial features are concerned is Ameesha Patel.  The sweet and innocent Amisha, how much we miss you!

6) Phillip Rhys and Tusshar kapoor


Do we need say anything on Tusshaar Kapoor and Phillip Rhys striking resemblance. I guess, not.

7) Deepika Padukone and Waheeda Rahman

waheeda rehman - deepika padukone

Deepika Padukone has a striking resemblance to yesteryear beauty Waheeda Rahman. Very clearly both actresses look alike in terms of facial features. In fact in the first half of Om Shanti Om, Deepika’s “Shantipriya” reminded us of Waheeda Rahman’s look in many of her films. What do you think ?

 8) Madhuri Dixit – Niki Aneja Walia

madhuri dixit niki aneja walia
Many of you would remember “Dr. Simran” from the very famous ZeeTV serial “Astitva”. Niki Aneja was synonymous to that character. Apart from being a great actress, she also bore a striking resemblance to our dhak dhak queen, Madhuri Dixit. Similar facial shapes coupled with a lovely smile, Niki ruled in the television in early 2000s while Madhuri has been ruiling hearts of many since the 90s!

9) Rakhi Sawant – Haifa Wahbe:

rakhi sawant look alike
Rakhi Sawant has a strong resemblance to Lebanese singer and actress, Haifa Wahbe. Reports have it that she is as much a drama queen and controversial as Rakhi is in India!  Isn’t it funny how they look alike and act alike?

10) Hrithik Roshan-Bradley Cooper

But of course! This is a popular pair who bear a very strong resemblance to each other – Hrithik Roshan & Bradley Cooper! Their heart-shaped faces and similar pair of eyes, makes them look like identical twins! Won’t it be fun to watch both these hotties on-screen together?

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