What Bollywood Songs Tell Us About Friendship

There are so many different types of Bollywood songs-  we have a song for almost every emotion and outburst. There are romantic songs, tragic songs, item songs and wedding numbers. But very few Hindi films have actually explored friendship in their musical charts. So as you guys know, today is Friendship Day and I have selected my top 10 favourite Bollywood songs and each one of these remind me of my friends. Listen up and tell me which is the one song that is YOUR friendship anthem!

1) Dil Chahta Hain

Aakash, Sameer and Sid – 3 friends and their respective journeys on how they discover themselves and life in general.  What they love.. and what the Dil wants …. all my friends whom I go traveling with, this one’s for you!

2) Balam Pichkari

We told you how much we loved Yeh Jawaani Hain Deewani & the friendship angle in the film. This is the one song where we see all 4 friends from the movie jiggying together on their roadtrip ..(the lyrics are hardly logical but hey when we talk gibberish to our best friends, it somehow makes perfect sense to them!)

3) All is Well

The ultimate college anthem – those who have lived in hostels would so relate to it. If it wasn’t for these pals, college life would have been totally boring. So just curve your lips, whistle & then say ALL IS WELL…

4) Hungama Ho Gaya

If you have seen Queen, you’d love Kangana and Lisa’s on-screen friendship. Take a shot or two, put on your dancing shoes and get ready to groove! I’m sure there’s that one friend in your life whom you go crazy with, your crime-in-partner or partner-in-crime.. whatever you call them.. this is that one person who knows all your bad habits and yet there for you to save your back all the time!

5) Sinbad The Sailor

Right, so I am pretty sure you have a group of friends whom you like to jam with, go for karaoke nights and sing your hearts out! This one is dedicated to that musical group.

6) Sham

Smoking up and getting high…okay maybe not that but perhaps a lazy camp-fire night in Goa with a group of lovely friends seems like the perfect way to relax and chill. I love this song especially for the guitar strums and the mellow chorus. It has  the right element of folk and country music.  Personally, this song reminded me of a once very close group of friends.

7) Piya Piya

Okay this song is dedicated to all my girl friends! I know it’s the typical bubblegum song but admit it. When you were  kids, you used to dance to this secretly! (Well, I performed to this with a really dear friend of mine on stage hahaha.. beat that!)  Okay the song has little to do with friendship and more to do with finding a potential boyfriend.. but hey, that’s exactly what we did when we were in school and when boys used to so stupid! Oh wait, boys are still so stupid!

8) But he’s your Best Friend Yaar!

Now who says a girl and guy can’t be best friends… of course they can be the best of buddies. It’s so typical to assume romantic involvement between a boy and a girl especially in our Asian society. But sometimes, to have a buddy of the opposite sex is perhaps the best thing that could’ve happened in your life! He cheers you up with the stupidest jokes when you are upset and she’s most likely to give you the most honest & real advice about anything.

9) Tum Hi Ho Bandhu

This is dedicated to my awesome threesome group! You know who you are and I love you guys so much..

10) Yeh Dosti ..

How can any friendship post be complete today without this song? Jai and Veeru – friends who could do anything for each other ; who were almost inseparable;  and who were willing to even give up lives for each other. These days people, in general, have become very superficial and they are not hesitant to end a friendship without saying a word – To all these people, I’m glad you guys left my life otherwise I wouldn’t have been able to perhaps make space for such amazing bunch of people whom I call MY FRIENDS today!


So this is it – HAPPY FRIENDSHIP DAY to all my lovely lovely friends.

Tell me which is the one Bollywood song that is YOUR friendship anthem!




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4 thoughts on “What Bollywood Songs Tell Us About Friendship

    Preia Desai

    (August 3, 2014 - 3:36 PM)

    RItzzz cute post, I love the HUngama song the most !! <3


    (August 3, 2014 - 3:37 PM)

    My friendship anthem has to be DIL CHATA HAI……………… i grew up with my friends and I’m so lucky to be in touch with them.


    (August 3, 2014 - 3:38 PM)

    Hey, lovely post – I love all the songs but I also like “JAANE KYON” from the movie Dostana 😀


    (August 3, 2014 - 4:09 PM)

    Friendship is not about who u have known the longest , but who have come and never left your side….. .The article is very well written . I can relate to a lot of songs but a special mention to Tumhi ho bandhu , kabhi kabhi aditi, Sham and yeah dosti. keep up the good work and a happy friendship day to you.

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