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Over the past month, I have received lots of flak for not blogging regularly. Trust me, it’s been an incredibly busy start to the year and while I realize how it can be detrimental to not blog regularly, I just want to tell you all that I use Spotlight as a platform to share something new, interesting and things that are worthy of your time. Each time I blog, I share a part of me, my opinions & my feelings with you.  Thus posting random articles do not quite make sense to me. Though, I still want to say sorry to all my lovely readers and followers, who have been patiently waiting for a new blog. It’s your response and feedback that has motivated me to come this far & I surely promise to be a bit more regular.

As I mentioned, it’s been a very busy start year. And with the unexpected February showers in Mumbai – one thing I have learnt for sure:  embrace the uncertainty & unpredictability of life & just go with the flow!

And since this is my first post after a short hiatus, it had to be something special.

Talking Point – My Debut Chat Show

From the board room to the living room, I’m proud to present to you the first of its kind online talk show which captures the lifestyles of top executives & change makers in the country. Yes people! Though I have formerly hosted lifestyle shows before, Talking Point with Ritwika Gupta is my debut talk show which I’m presenting. . Produced by, the show sets the spotlight on top rung media, marketing & advertising professionals & inspiring people who have carved a niche for themselves in their respective fields.

I feel excited and privileged to have a show on my name, so early in my career.  Here’s attaching the first few episodes. Hope you enjoy!


Snippets from my play

Apart from that, my play, “That’s how it started“, was staged to a full house audience in January. Here’s attaching a few photos for those who missed seeing it live.







And before I forget, here are the links to some articles which I have written over the past few months –

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Also, some Interviews I conducted –

Kalyani Chawla, Christian Dior Couture, Vice-president, Communications 

Sumeet H Mittal, Producer of TV Show, Diya Aur Baati Hum

Subodh Maskara, Founder of Cineplay with wife, Nandita Das

KVL Narayan Rao, Executive Vice Chairperson, NDTV

Rajesh Sethi, CEO, Ten Sports

Chinmayi, Singer and founder of

Till my next post,


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