Behind The Scenes with Shah Rukh Khan

Some people succeed in their time,
But only a few succeed in changing their time.
By following their own path.
Not for the sake of being different,
Not for the sake of challenging conventions,
But to create a unique road to success.
They want to become their own reference,
By defining their own rules.
They have mastered their forerunners’ way,
And smashed them into the unexpected.
They are pioneers, mavericks and trend-setters,
They are free-minded to the very core.

They are the Time Changers.

Hey guys! So, we told you how excited we were when Ranbir Kapoor was appointed as the new ambassador of TAG Heuer.  We also told you about TAG Heuer ‘s new global AD campaign in India – “DON’T CRACK UNDER PRESSURE”. This new drive is slated to be a tribute to an early 90’s campaign. The campaign asserts that the secret behind success is a combination of mental and physical capabilities. The campaign depicts, how some people succeed in changing their time by challenging the conventions and taking the path less travelled. A truth that is exhibited in the daring watches and chronographs produced by TAG Heuer.

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TAG Heuer recently shot its new AD Campaign, “DON’T CRACK UNDER PRESSURE” with the Brand Ambassador Shah Rukh Khan in Mumbai. This is Shah Rukh Khan’s fifth print AD Campaign with the brand. The photo shoot was executed by ace photographer Daboo Ratnani and it was certainly an intense affair between Shah Rukh Khan and his timepieces.

And guess what! We have some exclusive behind the scenes footages lined up for you! Check out Shah Rukh Khan sharing his views on being a time changer and how his destiny has transformed him.

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