Battle of The Cover Gals – April

Yes I know it’s May and I should have done this post last month. But I know you guys must have figured out how busy I was last month and this month. So cutting the long story short – here’s a snapshot at the top 10 covers of this month! Sizzling covers, lots of skin show and high on creativity! Who’s your favourite?

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Diesel on Grazia Cover

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My pick – Masaba Gupta on the cover of THE MAN magazine, not just because she’s my favourite fashionista but the cover simply comes across as a breath of fresh air. Firstly, I am so glad that unlike other magazine covers, this one’s not photoshopped to make Masaba look stick-thin. She’s a real woman and I am glad they did not do any tuck ups! Secondly, I love the overall make up and styling. It has the right amount of sensuality, effervescence with an exotic twist! It’s an absolute reflection of Masaba’s very own personality – strong, vibrant, funky and trendy!

What do you guys think?


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