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As you progress in life, you pass through various life stages. Each life stage comes with a different set of priorities, needs and goals. Some of these life stages are getting your first job, your marriage, birth of your child, your child’s teenage years, your retirement, etc. At these different stages, you will have different goals and plans for your future. A new car, your own house, early retirement – well, whatever your life goals are, Bajaj Allianz has the some remarkable investment options that will help understand and achieve your needs.

Earlier this month, I was a part of the Bajaj Allianz bloggers meet held at St Regis Mumbai. It was a very insightful event which taught me all about ULIPs and how they can help achieve ones’ short-term and long-term life goals.

The Bajaj Allianz team welcomed all of us with a fabulous lunch at the Alhambra Banquets and the actual event was kickstarted by actor and comedian, Suresh Menon. Menon wonderfully explained the importance of planning, for the layman, in very simple words. He mimicked personalities like Arnab Goswami and Saif Ali Khan to make us understand unit-linked investment plans (ULIPs). As a kid, I was taught to keep aside at least 40% of my pocket money as savings. Now that I have started working, I am depositing a certain percentage of my earnings in a special savings account every month. But if I think about it, this money remains idle and perhaps would only earn interest from banks. The need of the hour is not just savings. We also need to invest the savings at the right time in order to get a higher rate of return that will help us reach our #LifeGoals.

There was a dart game at the event where we had to target our preferred life goals. The game not only highlighted the importance of starting early but also manifested how crucial it is to stay focused and not hesitate to take a step towards investing.

We were then brought through an audio-visual presentation explaining what ULIPs are. So, what are ULIPs? They are non-participating, individual, unit-linked, regular/premium payment endowment insurance plan which provides the cushion of security and growth to meet future financial goals. There are several reasons why ULIPs are a good investment option. In a nutshell, ULIPs allow for easy diversification, long-term flexibility and transparent investment. One can invest in large-cap funds, mid-cap funds, small-cap funds or a combination of any such investment opportunities. Furthermore, ULIPs have the feasibility to provide 40 times the annual premium paid as life cover. You also have the flexibility to change premium payment terms, the sum assured and the choice of premium payment frequency.

Hence, investing in ULIPS are ideal – ULIPs can help you #InvestBefikar and let you achieve your #LifeGoals !! My biggest takeaway from the event was that a timely investment will keep financial losses at bay. So, find out more and get connected with Bajaj Allianz today!

Be sure to adopt the right financial system that includes risk profiling, proper asset allocation & regular wealth tracking to weed out non- performing investments. If you have decided on your life goal, then start investing now!


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