Are You A Ch*tIya ?

Okay guys this morning I came across this really hilarious video on YouTube which you MUST check out!! If cribbing were a sport, India would definitely be world champions. We love to crib about everything. Right from corruption to society, educational system to our environment. But are we ready to straighten our back to ​go ahead and bring the change? Are You A Ch*tIya directly asks the audience whether YOU are an idiot like some of our rather interesting members of the society ..


The political awakening that India showed during the elections was mind boggling. But by changing the Government and saying ‘Ache din aane waale hai’ nothing in the country is going to change, social consciousness and relative​ change is also a need of the hour. The fire has been simmering but is India ready to evolve. It’s not just the men who are to be blamed; women are equally responsible for this. Are Indian’s ready to take on this huge responsibility?


I have always watched videos by Bollywood Gandu before where they express their views and rhetorically​ question the society on various topics of importance to spur social change in a way that we understand best. ​They are asking us the one question, we don’t want to answer in the most blatant way possible.. Check it out!




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    (June 8, 2014 - 10:27 AM)

    This is so funny! Ahhahaa :p

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