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I have always been a fan of adidas! The brand, which I have been using since junior college, has always been a trendsetter that represents individuality and forever aims at making utilitarian sportswear trendy. And guess what, fashion designer Mary Katrantzou has now designed a set of apparel and footwear exclusively for adidas Originals. The collection is sporty mixed with kaleidoscopic patterns, bright colours and abstract florals. Here’s a sneak peek at the collection –

mary-katrantzou-x-adidas_gallery_large printed-sneakers-with-neon-hints_gallery_large studs-and-technicolours_gallery_large

Now if you have already gotten inspired, here’s the big news!



With the launch of their stunning new collection above, here’s your chance to be a #superstar with adidas! You might just feature in the next adidas Originals superstar video if you take part in their latest contest/campaign “AllSuperstarsUnite”.

Untitled design (1)

So, how does it work?


There are four different superstars from four different genres – fashion, EDM, photography and graffiti. To take part, you need to simply select a superstar of your choice. Along with it, you need to submit an idea of collaboration using 50 words or an image/video. And if your idea gets picked, you get to work with artists like Nida (fashion), Nucleya (EDM), Ronny (photography) or Daku(graffiti) to make your idea come alive.

So what are you waiting for guys! Get set go and share your brilliant idea here!


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