Acting, Presenting And Dance!

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Acting, Presenting And Dance!

Lately, I have been getting a lot of “curious interrogations” in the form of cute emails where my lovely readers keep asking me that apart from blogging, what I actually do and who I am ..

Well, it’s really sweet and for all you curious minds, you can visit my profile page here where I have more or less summarized who I am and what I do.  But just to be a little fair to all who are eagerly anticipating a little more than just a profile page, here’s something a tad bit more about me and the kind of work I’m doing besides blogging.

I have been brought up in Singapore and I graduated with honours in Business from the University of London. I was in the PR & Marketing line for two years with one of the top media companies in Singapore before leaving for Mumbai. Currently, I am pursuing my post-graduation in Communications from the University of Mumbai and freelancing for various magazines. Alongside, I have been doing theatre, commercials, hosting shows and choreographing for events. I am attaching some of my favourite videos for you to watch!

The Presenter


It’s fun to host shows – both live and on television. You get to interact with lots of new people, go to different places and learn a lot about yourself!

The Dancer

Ritwika Gupta Dance

I started dancing since I was 9 and by the time I was 16, I had already done more than a 100 stage shows internationally. So before anything else, I consider myself a dancer. I slowly started choreographing and experimented with a lot new ideas and concepts. Bollywood, of course, remains my favourite style.

The Actor And Model

ritwika closeup

I have done prints for Dominos, Reliance and Britannia. My TV commercials include Gillette, Castrol,Mcdonald’s and Green Tea. Apart from that, I was heavily involved in theatre at one point. Anupam Kher was my acting mentor and I picked up many nuances of drama, theatre and films during my time at Actor Prepares. I have done a television show as well.

You can see my print shoots here .

So yes! That’s pretty much me summarized in one blog-post. Honestly, there’s so much more to do and so much yet to achieve. Hope you nonetheless enjoyed!


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  1. Love the insight into the world of RITWIKA! 😉

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