A Touch of Pink

Once every few months, I find myself standing face to face with the demons of existential crisis. Everything I do seems to be punctuated with a question mark. Everything around me seems utterly meaningless. It’s all a blur. The only thing that remains with me is my love and belief in things that I am truly passionate about. I know it is a phase and this too shall pass. It always does. The last few months have been extraordinarily tiring. My typical weekly schedule consists of my daily work, attending at least 5 auditions, wrapping up shoots, gym, dance and finishing all my pending blog/vlog shoots. There are times when I sleep at 4am and get up by 7am. Many new challenges and opportunities are coming my way. And I know that I must only concentrate on the positive things. No matter how toxic the environment becomes, I cannot let it affect my morale.

Over the years, I’ve realised that we will ALL come across people in our lifetime, who will tend to only look at our weak points. While I agree that we all have areas where we need to improve, I think it is very important to steer away from the noise and focus on developing our strengths.

For me, the colour pink symbolizes love and sensitivity. Today, I’d like to encourage a little bit of sensitivity from all of you, when dealing with others. It is easy to pass a random remark about anyone. But you’ve not seen their struggle, you’ve not seen what they are doing on a daily basis to make their dreams come true. It is incredibly easy to break someone’s morale. With a little bit of sensitivity, maybe you can put your words across better. If you have nothing constructive to say, then don’t speak at all. And to those who’re just like me, there’s nothing wrong with being a sensitive creature. However – don’t pay heed to anyone who says you can’t achieve what you’ve set out to do. Get rid of every single person who thinks you are not good enough. But also remember that you’re constantly going to meet these kind of people in your lifetime.

These images were shot at last season’s Lakme Fashion Week. They were lost somewhere in my laptop. I wonder why I hadn’t uploaded them before. Maybe someone had said they were not good enough. Heck, why did I care back then? As cliché as it sounds, these photos only remind me that my life is indeed a fashion show and the world is my runway. Try wearing my high heels for a day and see what happens.

Dress: Flyrobe
Photographer:  Tushar Singh Chandra



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