8 Controversies that rocked Bigg Boss 8

Bigg Boss is notorious for its controversies, but season 8 seems to be filled with it. Perhaps there’s more to come – we don’t know yet. Till now, however, the Bigg Boss house is filled with drama. From Sonali’s slap to Upen’s personality switch, let’s take a look at the 8 controversies that shook Bigg Boss 8.

1) When Karishma applied mirchi on Gautam and Natasa’s faces- and the events that followed


The very first task of Bigg Boss 8, “Hijack”, was something that totally changed the course of the game for many members of BB8, especially Gautam Gulati. Karishma had applied red chilli powder on Gautam’s face and body (which was a little too extreme), and in the heat of the moment Gautam yelled out a gaali which didn’t go too well with Karishma. Karishma was frustrated that she was insulted on television. This resulted in Gautam being ostracised by many members of the house, and hence he was up for many nominations afterwards. Poor Gautam.

2) Puneet Issar’s “Bal Ka Prayog” on Aarya Babbar



The term “bal ka prayog” was used extremely frequently in Bigg Boss 8, especially after Puneet’s assault on Aarya Babbar. Claiming it to be a martial arts technique that was not intended to hurt Aarya, Puneet allegedly shoved him and this led Puneet to be jailed inside a makeshift prison inside the Bigg Boss house as a punishment.


3) “Mujhe Apna Make-Up Chahiye!”


Karishma’s make-up controversy was rather hilarious. In a task given to Gautam and Karishma by Bigg Boss, the two members were required to either raise a yes or a no card to the statements given to them. This happened inside the confession room and they were blindfolded. They were both unaware of the fact that the entire task was being shown to the rest of the house members too. Gautam had surprisingly said yes to Sushant being excused from being a “sevak”, although Karishma, being Sushant’s friend didn’t. However, when Gautam said no to Karishma getting her make-up, Karishma flared up after that, and Gautam was seen as a hero after that.

4) Sonali slaps Ali!


Puneet, during his Judgement Day task felt that Ali should be punished, but to make him feel guilty, he nominated Upen and Gautam, the members that did the most amount of work in the house. Ali, frustrated by this, started arguing with Puneet, and in that already tense atmosphere, Sonali heard that Ali had made an inappropriate comment about her and in her fit of anger, slapped Ali. Of course, this move of hers cost her heavily- she was nominated for the rest of the season as a result of what she did.

5) Ali Quli’s escape attempts


Frustrated by the incident with Sonali and burdened by feelings of isolation, Ali was pushed to his saturation point when he decided to climb to the roof of the Bigg Boss house to get out of there. Everyone seemed to have backed out on him at that time, and he was clearly not in the right state of mind during that period. After much coercing by fellow housemates and Bigg Boss, Ali was called into the confession room and given a secret room to stay in for the night.

6) Gautam and Diandra’s relationship- and Gautam’s denial of it


In the beginning of Bigg Boss 8, Gautam and Diandra shared a good relationship. However, as days passed, the relationship between them got bitter, but the two reconciled during Gautam’s captaincy, where he was a playing the role of a dictator. The relationship reached a new height when Diandra took Gautam to the bathroom and when she kissed Gautam. However, during the party in Bigg Boss, under the influence of others, Gautam told Diandra off- saying that they were only friends. The denial of their relationship was terrible and it didn’t go down too well with Diandra either- we are with you on this Diandra!

7) Dimpy-Pritam fight x2


Dimpy and Pritam never had a good relationship so to speak. Even during the museum task, Dimpy and Pritam had an argument in which they both hurled abuses at each other. The tension reached an all-time high this week during the immunity task, when Pritam accused Dimpy of starting the fight. Dimpy said lots of bad things to Pritam, calling him “namard”, and Pritam retorted with another set of abuses to Dimpy. Sigh.

8) Upen’s sudden image change


Upen was always a caring, sweet and soft-spoken housemate in Bigg Boss since the beginning. However, we are getting to see another side of him. For the past 2 weeks, Upen has been acting rather strange and aggressive, interpreting many of the actions by other housemates to be against him. Perhaps the pressure of staying in the Bigg Boss house has taken a toll on him?


As the show is drawing to an end, who do you think is going to survive and emerge as the winner, and which controversy do you think is the most dramatic? Share your views here!



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