5 Ways To Glow On New Year’s Eve

Alia Bhatt

So the new year’s eve is finally here – you’ve got the perfect dress, makeup kit and hairstyle in place. But wait a minute, what is the point of all the above if your face does not glow? I know a couple of friends who are extremely worried about their patchy skin tone showing and spoiling their new year’s party. Well, fret not! Whether you are suffering from pimple scars, severe pigmentation or simply want an easy facial rejuvenation naturally and effectively, you could try some of these following remedies.

A day before your party ….

1) Avoid parlour facials with rigid extractions of blackheads. Facials should be done at least a week earlier so that they do not leave marks on the face. Instead, make an orange peel mask using powdered orange peel, cold raw milk and honey. Apply on the face and wash after half an hour. Trust me it does wonders on the skin!


2) Vitamin E is also known as a skin vitamin. So, try massaging Vitamin E oil on specific pigmented areas as it requires more care than normal skin.


On the day of your party …

3) Mix lime juice with honey and apply it on the face for a healthy radiance. Vegetable juices from tomatoes, cucumber and potato can also be applied on to leave it glowing and fresh all day and night.


4) Cocoa butter cream, aloe vera, olive oil and almond oil are the most effective remedies for damaged skin. Apply regularly on the dark spots to brighten them.

5) Avoid putting too much foundation or concealer on the face as a means to hide scars. If the foundation or concealer is not blended properly, it can make you look garish and tacky. So instead, do a normal base and highlight your prominent features by darkening the eyes and lining your lips well.


Hope these 5 quick tips make you glow. Most importantly – just make sure you enjoy your party and have lots of fun! Do carry forward these beauty regimes to 2014 as well. In addition to the above, drink lots of water, take part in regular yoga and avoid consumption of alcohol and cigarettes. Don’t underestimate the power of sunscreen. Apply sun screen before you step out. Direct exposure to the sun harms the skin and is one major reason for pigmentation.  And lastly, get a good night’s sleep every night of the new year – good sleep is the ultimately secret to good looks.

Take photos and have fun girls!!

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