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5 Reasons To Watch The World TV Premiere of Dear Zindagi on 23rd April at 12 PM on Zee Cinema

If there’s any one thing that I’d definitely want to do this weekend, it would be to watch the World Television Premiere of Dear Zindagi on 23rd April at 12 PM on Zee Cinema.  In case you’ve read my open letter to life, you’d know how eagerly I was waiting to watch this film. And it absolutely met my expectations when I saw it in the theatres last year. For all those who haven’t watched it yet, here are 5 reasons you must absolutely catch Dear Zindagi on Zee Cinema this Sunday!


Dear Zindagi

It is a story every millennial can relate to. Career troubles, relationship issues – these are things that are often labelled as “first world” problems. But no, there are underlying causes to all these matters. Dear Zindagi is a refreshing take on life and relationships that starkly stays away from formula-ridden Bollywood. It also touches the unconventional topic of dealing with depression and not hesitating to openly talk about it. The film talks about how we should embrace life for what it is- Problems Ko Karo Bye, Zindagi Ko Kaho Hi 🙂


Dear Zindagi

Do I even have to? I mean Mr Khan is simply delicious in the movie! Shah Rukh Khan certainly won my heart all over again with his charm, wit and sensibility as Dr. Jehangir Khan aka Jugs – the suave and sensitive psychiatrist in Goa. The first thought that most young girls would have had after watching this film would be – “If only Dr. Jugs existed in real”! Well, I especially liked one of his dialogues – “Genius is not someone who has all the answers, but someone who has the patience for all the answers”.


Dear Zindagi

Breezy, light and oozing all summer vibes –  Alia’s stunning wardrobe in film has been styled by Anaita Shroff Adajania. And these are clothes for you, for me, for every college going girl, for every young working woman. They are easy, fuss-free and just refreshing!  I love the above pink off shoulder top, that Alia is wearing with ripped jeans. It’s chic but also adds a bit of edginess to the overall look.


The very first 5-10 minutes of the movie has been shot in MY hometown, Singapore!! Yes… so duh, the film has to be special!


From the title track, Love you Zindagi, to Just go to hell dil, Amit Trivedi has churned out one gem of an album! Each and every song is soothing to the ears and what I like most is that the music is very simple. There is a good mix of delightful and soulful tracks with peppy beats, a bit of a jazzy feel. Ilaiyaraaja’s composition from Sadma, written by Gulzar, Ae Zindagi gets a fresh take in this album. The song goes with the film’s theme and Arijit’s voice adds a new flavor to the original rendition.

So yes, these are my top 5 reasons to watch Dear Zindagi this coming Sunday, 23rd April on Zee Cinema at 12pm! Tell me what you loved about the film. Use the hashtag – #DearZindagiOnZeeCinema and leave a comment below or tweet to me 🙂

Dear Zindagi



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