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Being a dancer, I share a very close connection with music, rhythm and melody.  To me, it is a form of expression and plays a big role in my life. Being a Bengali and having been brought up with parents who are both singers, I used to always wish – “if only I could sing that well”. There are so many types of music and almost a song for every occasion.  I feel that music is perhaps the only language that is understood by people from all backgrounds. Well, I truly have immense respect for people who are in some way or rather connected to music. And as Shakespeare wonderfully put it – if music is the food of love, one should truly play on!

This month, I have decided to feature a talented singer, music composer and a close friend of mine who is not only a hardworking individual but also an incredibly creative person. A die-hard R.D Burman fan and an alumni of A.R Rehman’s prestigious school, Pooja considers herself blessed that she is born as an artiste. Before she takes the music industry by storm, let’s get to know her a little bit.

Presenting to you – Pooja Das.

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Composing melodies has been Pooja’s biggest addiction…(apart from tea, of course).  Pooja has learnt Hindustani classical music in Calcutta and western music in Chennai. Yes, she is a trained singer and it is hard to believe that this talented girl has never had any formal training in terms of composing.

Who is Pooja?

“I am a music composer. When I was very young, my mum claimed that I would only eat when Ma used to play songs from  “Maine Pyaar Kiya”. The first song I remember picking up as a child was “kuch na kaho” from 1942 A Love Story. Since childhood, more than rhythm it was the melody that engulfed me. I feel that without melody, there can be no music. I started believing that one day, I will create music. I believed that something divine used to take shape in the form of tune but there was no medium, as such. Finally when I was in class vii, I composed my first song and that’s how it started. I started learning singing and since that day, my constant dream was to become a music composer”.

Music to me Is …

“There are only two ways to form a connection with God  – one is honesty and another one is music. To me, music is something very pure and the most abstract form of art. Something that wrenches my heart out!”

Creating music is …

“Composing has always come to me naturally. I do get a call from inside that more than singing existing songs, I feel more complete as a musician, as a composer. My passion is to create something new. It gives you a different kind of joy”.

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My Journey So Far …

“In Calcutta, I released an album named “Zara Hatke” which was composed by me. In Chennai, I was part of few projects of Dr. A.R Rahman who was at that time my principal of KM Music Conservatory. When I came to Bombay, I sang a few jingles. The progress has been slow but steady. I sang for Coca-cola music video, ads for Panasonic and a Dubai based commercial. I have also been a small part of movies like Gulaab Gang and Queen. In December 2013, I released a music video named “You are still her little girl” which was a tribute to Nirbhaya. The song did receive a good response and the well-known organization “One for India” in association with John Hopkins University, USA promoted my video as a part of their project to fight against women violence”.

My Inspiration …

“My idols are R.D Burman and A.R Rahman. Like I said, melodies matter to me the most and both R.D Burman and A.R Rahman have shown the world the extent to which melody can influence people”.

In 5 years down the road, I see myself as a …

“..as a super busy music composer  whose melodies people enjoy and groove to. I would like to see myself as someone who is still honest to myself and the profession I am in. And, I would like to see myself as someone who does not fear to face the mirror”.

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For all the aspiring musicians out there…

“Just be honest to yourself and to music. Never compromise with your morals and do not do anything that you feel is not right. Place your foundation on good ethics because nothing bad can happen when the foundation is strong”.


Well guys, that was Pooja for you and I hope you enjoyed reading the interview! And on days when Pooja is not busy creating music for all music-lovers, she’s often unleashing her love for photography and having a cup of chai with me 😉

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If you want to find out more about Pooja, feel free to contact her via the below mentioned links.

Facebook : Pooja Das
YouTube: Pooja Das


Stay tuned for more such inspiring ideas, professions, people and stories next month!





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