5 Makeup Mistakes To Avoid

Every girl wants to look her best & feel fab all the time. I would be lying if I said I never made any makeup mistakes. We all make mistakes and we learn from them (sometimes the hard way) – Even when it comes to cosmetics! Ladies, we all have different features, eyes, lips, skin type and face shape.  Certainly, a lot of us women underestimate the importance of selecting the right makeup products and tools that will specifically suit our face. (Well, disclaimer here – I am not a makeup artiste and I can’t vouch for sure what kind of makeup will suit what kind of skin type). But today, based on my personal experience – let me share with you the 5 common makeup mistakes (which I have personally committed) and which I think should be totally avoided by women of all ages!

1. The right-shade foundation.

The foundation is your make-up base – it should hide all the imperfections on your skin and give you a light glow. Honestly, I believe there is no hard and fast rule that you must select foundations that are 2-3 shades darker than your own complexion. But that does not mean you choose a foundation that is way lighter than your original skin. Don’t go buy these rigid makeup rulebooks.  The simplest way to buy the right foundation would be to just test the colour near your jawline and forehead. Test it under bright light, take a photograph and then decide if the shade works for you. If you are already happy with your current foundation shade but what to experiment with a new brand, then simply carry your present foundation bottle with you the next time you go shopping to purchase a new one.

2. Primer.

I’ve lived in Singapore and currently I’m in Mumbai. And let me tell you that both these places are hot & high on humidity level. I’ve sweated so much during my day shoots and the makeup looked terrible after a while. So ladies, if you are stepping out of your house wearing thick makeup during the day, surely it will slip off because of the humidity. Therefore, I learnt the importance of using a good primer before applying any foundation. It helps a lot. Invest in a good primer that also has SPF and you will not sweat off your foundation or other makeup!

3. Skip fake eye-lashes.

The quickest way to add age to your appearance is to wear heavy eye lashes. Unless you are performing on stage that requires an elaborated/dramatic get-up, please skip the false lashes. Okay, if you think you do not naturally have the lashes, go for really light ones. The thick false eye-lashes look glamorous yes, but if you do not how to put them correctly, they tend to stick out and look really artificial.



4. Don’t be afraid of the red lipstick.

The red-lipstick is like a fashion statement that it will automatically add a bit of oomph to your overall appearance. It hardly goes wrong on any woman if the correct shade is applied. There is no “perfect” shade of red for every woman. You need to experiment and see what suits you the best. But make sure when wearing red lipstick, the rest of your makeup pallet and outfit are kept understated and casual. Personally, I like it matte!

5. Avoid thick eye liner all the time.

Thick liquid eye-liner does not always enhance your eyes. It can look pretty harsh at times. Sometimes, a light liner drawn neatly closest to the lashes with an eye pencil can define your eyes perfectly without making it looking too harsh.



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