4 Places You Must Visit in Bangkok

By now you guys already know that I’ve been harping about my trip to Thailand earlier this month. And you can’t blame me because I really had a brilliant time there. Well, I spent the maximum of my time in Bangkok and I must say that the Thai capital has a lot to offer and I gathered 4 places you could visit on your Bangkok trip.


1. If you are visiting Bangkok for the first time, you could drop by the Jim Thompson House/Museum. Nobody knows what happened to Jim Thompson, the former spy who revolutionised Thailand’s silk industry in the 1950s and 60s. The disappearance of an American millionaire with CIA connections in Southeast Asia, during the Cold War no less, captivated the world, and has remained a mystery ever since. His house, a sprawling Bangkok complex, remains one of the city’s most popular attractions, and his brand remains one of the most expensive lines of Thai silk.

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2. If you are fond of broadway musicals, you should visit Siam Niramit. The property is done up like a tribal village, more of a heritage centre, walking you through the history & culture of Thailand. You can watch more about this on Episode 3 of my vlog. But apart from that, Siam Niramit also holds a 1 hr 45 minute broadway musical show – this is a brilliant showcase of various acts, dances with lavish sets, music. It’s a huge production where the stage would light up on fire and at the same time, it’ll transform itself to a scenic river bank. In short, it was magnanimous.

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3. No trip to Bangkok is complete without visiting the Erawan shrine – this is a very popular  Buddhist temple that has the statue of the four faced Brahma. You should definitely go there, light a candle and some incense sticks. You’d feel good.


4. If you have a bit more time in your hand, you could also drive down to Rayong, which is an approx. 3 hour drive from Bangkok.  It’s a small district that’s rapidly growing as a popular tourist destination. We visited Suphattra Land and it’s a paradise for fruit lovers. First of all, it’s a huge piece of land, possibly around 320 acres and you are only surrounded by nature – trees, plantations, river, fields etc. We were traveling in trams and it almost felt like a safari. The tram trip includes three stops hat permit visitors to enjoy the fruit buffet, papaya & mango salads & even taste raw honey. This is an ideal destination for all nature lovers.

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Also if you are at Rayong, don’t forget to drop by the Tamnanpar Restaurant. It’s a classic forest restaurant serving delicious Thai and European cuisine. I loved the atmosphere –the whole jungle fashioned ambience was rather interesting for me.

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You can watch my exotic Rayong experience on episode 4 of  my Thailand travel vlog.

Once again, do check out my Bangkok travel vlogs. As you know this is my first time attempting a travel vlog, so your feedback is important. Do check out the videos & let me know what you feel.

Episode 1 reviews Anantara Siam hotel.

Episode 2 and 3 are about what all you can do when in Bangkok. 

Episode 4 is about Rayong, a city less discovered located on the outskirts of Bangkok.

Episode 5 is all about Koh Samed.


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