3 Ways To Wear a Pencil Skirt

Hey girls! Today I’d like to present to you a special guest post by Linda, who’s a teacher by profession. Linda is highly fond of pencil skirts and she will be showcasing some of her favourite pencil skirt trends on Spotlight. Check out some of the ensembles and get inspired to don a beautiful pencil skirt today.

The Office Fashionista


Pair up a plaid or checkered pencil skirt with a long sleeved denim or cotton shirt to produce a corporate look. This is for all you working women who wish to try something new apart from the usual blazers, trousers and dresses. You do not even need to spend a huge chunk out of your monthly budget to afford this look. And you know what’s the best part? This is an ensemble that can be even worn on casual days by just adding a bit of accessories like a statement necklace and stylish sunglasses. Carry a matching black satchel bag to complete the office fashionista look.


Rock The Party
 PVC pencil skirts

PVC pencil skirts are well loved by Hollywood celebrities including Angelina Jolie, Kim Kardashian, Jessica Alba & Rihanna. Choose a mono-coloured PVC pencil skirt and add a bit of drama to it by wearing boots or a belt and a choker. The key here is to keep the top simple and let the skirt do the talking. This outfit is great for parties and events!


Do The Denim 




Denim will never ever go out of fashion. This is precisely the reason why you can hardly go wrong with a denim pencil skirt. Team it up with a white casual cotton tank top and you have the perfect casual look. You could also add a cardigan/ jacket over it. Slip on a pair of medium-sized dark sunglasses, flat sandals and a big black tote bag for extra oomph.



Tell me girls, how would you wear your pencil skirt? 


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The article has been written by Linda and edited by Ritwika Gupta.
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