10 Reasons Why People Don’t Reply To Messages!

I am sure everyone knows at least one person – in your family, friend circle, acquaintances, buddies etc who never ever replies to emails, messages or texts! So I got inspired to dissect and analyze the possible reasons as to why some people basically do not believe in replying to messages. Are you with me in this?



1) They do not like you. As simple as that. (not sure why you are still friends then but ya, quite evidently this person does not like you and therefore does not feel the need to respond.)

2) They forgot to reply to your message. (.. yes the world is full of busy and forgetful people. So if you are willing to forget that they ‘forgot’ to communicate with you, then you can continue sending them messages back to back and never expect a reply.)

3) Your message perhaps did not require a reply or could have simply put them off. There are a few people who do not respond to badly written messages or messages with absolutely no thought put into them at all.
(For example, “hi…………………………………………”)

4) The content you used in your message could have been offensive. For example, if you ask someone outright to meet up for sex, then there is a high possibility that you might have just offended him/her. (Umm..It might be what you are after but it’s not what everyone is after.)

5) Text speak is not liked. People feel if you cannot be bothered to write using proper words, why should they bother replying, especially if they cannot understand your message. (Something l received recently– “hy wazp wtcha cukn 2nyt”). Hmmm.. ya, so messages containing bad spelling and grammar can also result in no response. I personally did not want to spend my time trying to decipher the above message and therefore, I did not reply.


6) It is possible that your message could have gotten missed. Though I must say that with Facebook showing the “seen” wordings at the bottom of each message and whatsapp showing your “last seen” timings, you can tell if someone missed your message or not.

7) Oh did I say the world is full of busy and forgetful people? I think I did. So if this friend of yours claims to possibly not have the time to start communicating with you, you should just stop bothering them as well. They are obviously too mixed up in their own life to make the time to reply to your message.

8) Not everyone logs into their Facebook account or checks their emails regularly. So be patient. But, if you have not received a reply to a message and time has passed by, then it is probably best to move on.

9) They do not know you! Oh yes, if you send random messages to random strangers – do not even expect a reply.

10) They simply are not interested in the content. They do not give a crap about whatever you sent them in that text/whatsapp message and they believe that by not responding to it, you will become aware of this.


So yes, that was it! I believe after a point, everybody gets busy in their own lives – figuring out careers, making money and babies but those who really want to keep in touch with you, they will definitely do so without a second thought. There are simple and basic manners as well. For example, if someone has written a nice, sweet and long message asking about you, your health or family, it does makes sense to reply back. Or in case you are preoccupied with something else, at least acknowledge that you have seen the message and will reply soon. Everyone’s busy – it’s just a matter of whom you consider worthy of your precious time. And oh yes, there is no point in sending more messages to the people/friends/colleagues who do not respond. It will just waste your time.

On that note, here’s a big shout-out to all my friends who’ve been with me through thick and thin. Whichever part of the world you guys are in, I love you a lot and miss you all so much. Happy Friendship Day! You know who you are 😉

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2 thoughts on “10 Reasons Why People Don’t Reply To Messages!

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    (December 20, 2013 - 9:57 AM)

    Of course that is the obvious thing. But when you are sitting confused about a very important ignored message. We are wondering why people possibly may not like you or how to see if they have higher standards.

    Finding out how to correct the potentially socially Armegeddic precursor showing a pattern of rejection is what is meant by why people dont respond. Not what they are actually doing. That just lets you see the stick your being hit with.

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