10 Must-have Things In My Travel Bag


Each time I pack my bags for a weekend getaway, I look forward to a varied experience that I know will be incomparable even if I were to tread the same path again. Exploring new culture, food, apparels, monuments and literature is a huge deal for all travel addicts who are constantly looking for new experiences. For some, travelling is only a part of their annual vacation routine while for others, their whole life has been geared towards globetrotting around the world. Whether you are a regular traveler or not, there is no question that traveling can become a little stressful. The long hours, air pressure, security checks, jet lags and touring exhaustion can possibly take a toll on your body. And topping the travel stress-o-meter is the nightmare of packing your travel bag! Today I am going to share with you the the 10 must-have travel essentials that will make you best prepared for that quick getaway.

Get ready to take off in vogue!

1) Wardrobe essentials

Versatility is highly essential when choosing your travel wardrobe especially if you want to pack light and still look good, too. Choose outfits based on where your final destination is and when you are travelling. For example, if you are headed to tropical countries like Mauritius, Singapore or Brazil, then light clothing like a sleeveless tank or a cotton top is a must!  What makes this clothing item attractive is that due to its length, you can use it in many different ways. You can choose to match it up with leggings, shorts or if it is long enough, you can even use it as a cover up on the beach over your swimsuit.

cotton 02 cotton

If you are headed to cooler countries like Switzerland (luck you!), London or Paris, there is no point in dressing up under coat because all eyes will be on your overcoat! Well-fitted cardigans or statement coats are a must have in your travel wardrobe when visiting a cooler climate. Well to be honest, even if I am not travelling to a cooler city, I tend to always feel cold at airports, during flights and train journeys. Sometimes even the flight blankets are not warm enough. That is why I like to carry a hoodie jacket for that extra warmth.


2) The right pair of shoes

flip flop

In terms of shoes, flip-flops and flats are perfect for travel because you can wear them on the beach, for sight-seeing or when shopping downtown. The most obvious reason being comfort! Just imagine straining your ankles while touring the new city in your high heeled stilettos! Also heels are a big no-no on a long-term voyage. Often at security checkpoints, the airport authorities require passengers to take their shoes off – now, won’t it be troublesome if you have to keep un-strapping or unzipping or tying your fancy shoes again and again? Thus I suggest – get a nice pair of comfortable flats that are easy to slip on. However, if you have a pre-planned formal concert to attend on your trip, by all means carry along a pair of sandals. If you are going on a hiking trail, trekking or camping, you should consider putting on closed toe or sport shoes that will protect your feet.

3) Sunglasses


A pair of stylish sunglasses is a must have while travelling. If you’re planning on a camp trip or hiking, opt for a lightweight frame material like nylon and lens material like poly-carbonate to increase comfort. Amber, bronze, and rose lens tints enhance the color contrast of the surrounding greenery so you see the trail better. If you’re planning to be on or near the water, opt for sunglasses with polarized lenses so that you can see objects more clearly. The lenses also enhance the colour to make your view of the world more vibrant. For strictly fashion purposes, there are also lots of chic sunglasses available that look trendy and make a style statement.

4) Passport Travel Purse


And if you are the type to panic about your boarding passes, passports and air tickets, I would recommend getting a cute passport travel purse that will keep all the essential documents in one place.

5) Mosturizer

Dual Action Moisturizer (large)

Just by wearing good clothes and accessories may not make you feel good if you do not look good! Travelling to a different country and adjusting to a new weather can stress up your skin. To combat the   dehydrating effects of cabin pressure, make sure you apply moisturizer before flying off. Carry a good moisturizer on every trip as it will help increase hydration in your skin.

6) Travel Cosmetics


Many women opt for a natural look on their travels with minimal to no makeup but if you are super attached to your cosmetics, I would say only carry simple stuff like a nude coloured eye shadow, light pink blusher and basic eye-liner for your day trips.  Make sure to also pack along a long-lasting lipstick and a sheer gloss. Reapply the gloss throughout the trip and your lips will automatically look “just-made-up”.

7) BB Cream


Forgo the foundation when travelling as getting caked up all day long will prevent your skin from breathing and lead to several breakouts. Instead go for a tinted moisturizer like the Maybelline BB Cream for a radiant glow.  If you have to put foundation, apply a primer first that will add a layer of protection between your skin and makeup.

8) Blotting Papers


Bring oil-absorbing sheets that will prevent your skin from getting too oily while traveling.  Blotting papers from Clean & Clear are effective in dabbing up the shine and excess oil without stripping out the moisture.

9) Sunscreen


If you are visiting a sunny destination where the blazing sun is likely to damage your skin, make sure you pack a sunscreen of SPF 30 at least. Slather on at least a teaspoonful on your face, more on shoulders, arms, legs and exposed skin.

10) Handcream


Never leave home without a tube of your favorite hand cream as it will keep your hands from drying out and help counter the effects of harsh commercial-grade soaps found in hotel restrooms.

Other essential travel accessories would also include a small travel mirror, travel guide maps, journal and if you love to capture your travel memories, do not forget to carry your camera! So yes, travelling is quite a task isn’t it? Hope these pre-travel tips prove to be insightful for your next travel expedition. Needless to say just like every destination, every packing list is unique as well. Whether you are going on a round-the-world trip or a 3-day getaway, as long as you are able to see a beautiful city, meet new people, eat good food and maximize your fashion and beauty necessities, there is no doubt you will have a memorable experience!



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